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Gelato is an art you learn!

Published on 19 November 2017 | Category: Corsi

The Greek philosopher Talete said: “Teach and learn the best”. We at Galatea have turned this expression into one of our mottoes.

Since always we believe in the training importance as a way to spread values and to give substance to one’s own aspirations. Research and study are the key elements for the constant professional improvement, a process that lays the foundations of a self-awareness which is essential for the job and for the creation of a strong enough business able to overcome even possible difficult times.

Both in Italian and international culture, artisan gelato is highly appreciated and is a highly widespread food, one of our large-scale habits protagonists; but what matters most in the market is to know how to make the difference among excellent proposals that can stand out only for an unmistakable quality. From these considerations derives the idea of conveying the basics to create one’s own unique products, above all standards and from every viewpoint.

The cohesion of our corporate ethical principles with the experience gained along decades gave birth to the Galatea’s Gelateria Italiana School, a steady evolving courses set able to coach both beginners to approach the ice cream and the artisan pastry world, and those who already work in this field but want to deepen and improve their knowledge.


In order to meet the market demands, the needs of the most attentive customers and to take care of every single step of the artisanal preparation, we created training courses aimed to build a strong professionalism for the Ice Cream maker and Confectioner.

Our approach explores a wide range of skills, from raw material selection to nutrition, to food safety, to production processes knowledge. Each course is structured with the aim of giving both to beginners or experts the right tools and skills in order to carry on ethical and winning activities.

Learning how to create excellent, healthy and genuine products easily translates into a strong business that does not fear any competition and gets publicity on its own… at the very first taste!

At all times our focus is on quality and well-being, both integrated into a vision that combines the artisanal gelato art with the technical know-out.

In order to learn all about our courses or for subscription please go directly to our website page:

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Excellence, health and genuineness: the food trends

Published on 1 November 2017 | Category: Exhibitions

The Anuga World Food & Beverage Fair has just completed its biennial edition.

From the 7th to the 11th  October in the Cologne food and beverage salon, Rhineland’s economic and cultural capital, many industry protagonists met together to answer a key question: what taste does the future have?


The German city hosted a vast panorama of top international agribusiness players who discussed and presented the new trends that can be then translated into what everyone carries on his table and eats daily. Cutting-edge trends, inspirational sources and well-outlined guidelines dominated these five days open both to visitors and to exhibitors.

In the foreground the vegan and the organic worlds, two often interconnected realities that pay close attention to choices regarding lifestyles as well as strictly dietary options and reflecting on a good ethical education that overcomes the traditional food concept.

Another element of primary importance in the context of the German fair was the “zero kilometer“: this definition identifies all the products directly purchased in the production area, supporting a short supply chain that favours a policy aimed to sustain the local economy and that promotes the genuineness and the environment.

Another main 2017 Anuga trend is the Smart Label, labels that allow consumers to obtain detailed information about shelf- life, origin, ingredients and allergens of what they are going to buy, setting out a complete overview where each one can consciously direct his choices.

“The general trend is to move towards products that are as much natural as possible, even in the food industry. A strong push in this direction involves emerging countries too, “explains Stefano Pillot, Galatea founder and general manager. To this vision belongs his leading company of semi-finished products for artisanal gelato, which has always been focusing on consumers’ health.

All Galatea product ranges foresee the use of healthy and natural products.  High quality raw materials have nothing to hide: ethical aims became reality thanks to the transparency choice, such as the adoption in 2006 of the “clean label”; labels that inform each customer about what he is eating straight out, ensuring readability in addition to solid and declared values .

The commitment to the nature, the organic and the vegan world has been consolidating at Galatea, transforming itself into a wide range of products capable of delivering craftsmanship gifting both the body and the mind with great benefits and taking care of everyone’s needs.

Thus to the question “how does our future taste?” Galatea’s answer is in one only word: genuine!


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