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Golosa: a naturally sweety novelty!

Published on 6 December 2017 | Category: no category

Italian artisanal confectionery is an exquisitely multi-faced reality: it allows you to make a sweet journey among the regional traditions of our country in order to discover the peculiarities and the recipes of their seasonal products, as well as the resources of the territory and the traditions of each location.

From North to South, our peninsula presents a collage of well-established food practices and ingredients that built a story full of anecdotes about the birth of our favorite sweets and their background landscapes.

If Milan is considered the panettone homeland, Cremona the torrone one and Palermo that of Sicilian cassata, it is because a piece of our culture derives from what we eat.

Sweets and breads derives from what used to arrive on our tables in ancient times, cheering both conviviality moments and important occasions.

Galatea concentrated several researches on the artisanal confectionery: the Golosa line’s purpose is to always make this type of products healthier and more and more genuine.


The creativity of Italian confectioners and bakers is recognized all over the world and Galatea dedicated extraordinary quality preparations to the art of these professionals, able to provide a valid and healthy alternative to what has been used until now with the aid of chemical ingredients. A wide range of totally vegetable and gluten-free ingredients is now available for the artisans’ inspiration.

The Golosa Line includes SHELFRI, the natural semi-finished ingredient for bakery products, and also the nucleos for vegetable fat, cream, short pastry, puff pastry, cream puffs, sponge cake, shortbread and plum cake, ingredients able to revolutionize sweety and salty pastry in terms of 100% organic wellness. These ingredients grew from the desire of helping the professionals’ world who chose to offer genuineness and safety to their clients, even in case of gluten and lactose intolerance. The new Galatea mixes are ideal for stabilizing the products both in the process of reducing the temperature, essential for maintaining the fragrance and quality of artisan preparations, andfor increasing their shelf-life.

The meaning of the line name does not need any explanation: each ingredient naturally contributes to the goodness of each creation, leaving the possibility to decide whether to use or not any chemical ingredients and additives in order to embrace an ethic that satisfiesall well-being requests.
The lastevolution result in Galatea does not forget also the “Clean Label” traditional principles: transparency stating every mix ingredients.

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