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The new catalogue for a… heavenly experience

Published on 23 September 2018 | Category: Products

In recent years we have been hearing more and more talk about transparency, which we could define as the ability to make everything clear or hide nothing. This concept has been studied in physics for decades and, with the appropriate semantic meaning, has been applied to the legal system and also used every day as Communication.

For us at Galatea it is important to establish loyal relationships with everybody we work and interact with, both at the workplace and outside; an interaction based on trust and on strong and ethical choices that make us proud of the fact that we have never needed to hide information.

Our philosophy is to express ourselves in a coherent and clear way, emphasising the difference between communicating and advertising. On the other hand, our way of providing information reflects clear authenticity, which defines every phase of our work and, therefore, also the products we create.


We have put all this in our latest creation: a new catalogue for the Golosa line, an effective tool that best expresses the genuineness of our new line for confectionery, bakery and catering, made of healthy and natural products designed to help professionals in the food sector.

All the ingredients are listed on a perfectly clear label, easy to read and informative especially for those who are not experts but want to know what they eat. Golosa is the result of research based on the values that distinguish our group: safety, excellence, and authenticity. Our new catalogue presents a wide range of solutions to satisfy different needs through care and practicality.

Pastry-making according to Galatea is built on simplicity and transparency, attention to the world of organic food and respect for tradition. Our ingredients have no GMOs, palm oil, hydrogenated fats, synthetic flavourings or colours, or cochineal red dye food colouring.

The new catalogue is a guide to wellbeing, helping step by step professionals endeavouring for excellence in craftsmanship to choose the best products for their creations.

In order to emphasise the natural goodness of all the products in the line our pictures show them as they truly are. The images focus not only of the finished product, but also on details, such as the porosity of the sliced bread or the crunchiness of the puff pastry which distinguishes us with its unrivalled fragrance.

Golosa offers also a great advantage: to easily widen its offer, since each ingredient is designed to quickly and easily prepare spectacular creations. The selection of high quality raw materials allows to create highly digestible products, important for our daily wellbeing.

One of our winning ideas for this line is the optimisation of materials, which leads to a spectacular yield with very low doses, and gives new life to what is often wasted and still retains its nutritional properties.

Each semi-finished product is clearly described, helping in this way to understand how to use it and at the same showing how to obtain a nutritional balance with proven benefits. Making your work easier through a no waste approach is all in a few pages which, like us, are sincere and of quality!


To learn more about the Golosa line and to find out how to boost your business with natural products, contact us at or at +39 0434 598109: here at Galatea there is always an expert to help you!

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