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Published on 7 November 2018 | Category: Products

In previous posts we’ve talked about how the appearance and colour of what we eat influences our mind. Our perception of what tastes good often comes from our eyes as well as our tastebuds: if food is well-presented it tastes better too. And that’s not all: an interesting result of neurogastronomy research reveals, for example, that we tend to eat less, and less willingly, in a dark room, because we’re less ‘seduced’ by our sense of sight.

Once again, popular wisdom comes to our aid, confirming that the relationship between taste and sight really is important: how many times have we heard something described as ‘so good it’s a shame to eat it’? But some things are so delicious the real shame is not to eat them! With our philosophy of giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy sweet pleasures – even people with specific dietary requirements – we work to achieve all-round excellence in all our ingredients.
A growing focus on food as a source of wellness and gratification has led in recent years to a considerable increase in interest in the preparation and aesthetic presentation of every dish. Cake design – decorating cakes and pastries to make them look more appetising – has become a learnable art, indispensable not only on formal occasions like weddings and birthdays, but also in small everyday celebrations.

The new Golosa line supports the traditional ethical approach of Galatea’s experience, extending our already vast range of products for artisan ice cream and pastry-making with new items which can improve and facilitate the work of every professional in the sector. With a view to the creation of impeccable desserts, biscuits, panettoni, mousses and semifreddi, we have developed our new icings and glazes, ideal for decorating all your creations.

ready-to-use icing - Galatea


Our ready-to-use icing for baked goods is designed to get the very best from your baking, with and without egg white; 100% natural, it is free from additives and gluten, vegan-friendly and, thanks to its innovative formula, it remains on the surface of the product for more than 80 days without being absorbed, maintaining the structure of your dessert unaltered.


Galatea glazes

If you want to indulge yourself further, unleash your creativity or expand your offer with the greatest of ease, Galatea glazes (GLASSY, VEGAN GLASSY and GLASSE DECOR) are your ideal ally: natural, gluten-free and high-performance, they’re all you need for mirror glazes, fruit-based or coloured, appetising and imaginative. They’re easy to prepare and ideal for special decorations that make your products unforgettable, bringing out all their goodness and allowing you to customise every item however you wish.

At Galatea, your needs are important, and our ingredients are created so that you don’t need to compromise between what’s delicious, what’s healthy and what’s aesthetically pleasing, because the eye is important too.

Our professionalism is at your disposal, with solutions suited to every occasion.

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