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Free from added sugar: at Sigep, Galatea’s innovative range of flavourings and pastes

Published on 24 January 2019 | Category: Exhibitions

Is there a natural alternative to sugar for the production of desserts and ice creams?
Is it possible to look after our health and wellbeing without sacrificing flavour?
At the 40th edition of Sigep – the International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World – you’d discover that yes, it is possible to make products with low sugar content and fabulous flavour! At the Galatea stand, visitors can explore and sample an innovative line of flavourings and pastes with no added sugar. We wanted to listen and respond to an ever-growing number of consumers who – for reasons of health and wellness – seek and demand products free from refined and artificial sweeteners.

No added sugar: a production possibility

How can we bring together deliciousness and attention to a healthy diet?
Here at Galatea, research is the mainstay of our business: it allows us to offer excellent quality products while listening to – and often anticipating – the demands of the market.
To this end we have fine-tuned a production technique for semi-finished products which uses solely the sugars already present in fruit: a sweetening system based exclusively on the use of natural fibres.
We have succeeded in drastically reducing the sugar level of finished products, without the need for any replacement by synthetic substances.
As you know, here at Galatea we create products that are  #BuoniPerNatura!
Not just sugar-free products at Sigep 2019

At the Galatea stand at Sigep, you can learn about and sample all the products in our range: Libera, Bio, Vegan and Golosa, the delicious pastry line that’s entirely plant-based and gluten-free, and the flavours of Menta Piemontina and Spirulì, coloured naturally thanks to skilful use of ingredients.

Galatea is training too

We know that product quality is fundamental, but we also recognise the value of knowledge geared to achieving specific business goals.
Are you looking for a training course for pastry and gelato?
Do you want to stay constantly up to date with the regulations governing production and trade in the desserts sector?

Come to the trade fair in Rimini!

We’ll be presenting our countless opportunities for professional development and our new programmes, which enable us to support our partners in their journeys to improve and expand their businesses.
From 19 to 23 January, you’ll find us at Stand 200, Pavilion A3 of Rimini’s exhibition centre, where you can learn about and sample all the new Galatea products for 2019.


19 to 23 January
Stand 200 – Pavilion A3
Rimini Exhibition Centre
Galatea st Sigep
International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato,
Pastry, Bakeryand the
Coffee World


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2018: twelve months of sweetness

Published on 11 January 2019 | Category: Golosa Line

At Galatea, 2018 will be remembered as a year packed full of new ventures that confirmed our experience, our ability to regard the future with knowledge and awareness and our determination to support professionals in our sector with the very highest quality.

At the end of 2017 we introduced the Golosa line, a wide range of products for artisan pastry and bread-making which provide effective support to the work of experts, helping them to broaden their offer, expand their business opportunities and make all their creations more simply. This year we have deepened our knowledge of innovative ingredients, the results of ambitious research carried out by us with intense determination and satisfaction: bases for fillings, shortcrust pastry and sponge cake, frozen desserts, Shelfri, mixes for croissants, puff pastry and bread, instant and anhydrous creams, glazes and icings to make perfect cakes and panettoni, gluten-free and vegan solutions to give free rein to imagination; all brought together in a handy catalogue designed to be a clear reference tool.

During our recent attendance at the International Ice Cream Exhibition (MIG) in Longarone, we said goodbye to 2018 and presented – along with our various products – our concept of artisanship, showcasing the art of the 100% natural: the combination of Italian artistic expression and the uniqueness of Galatea semi-finished products led us to a campaign which highlights Made in Italy professionalism. Our welcome to 2019, meanwhile, will be at SIGEP in Rimini, the exhibition devoted to gelato, pastry, bread and coffee, with a preview of the long-awaited response to an increasingly widespread demand among both consumers and artisans: a natural alternative to sugar. With our use of an exceptionally innovative sweetening system based on natural plant fibres, we have developed a unique ingredient which allows sweetness and therefore sugar levels to be reduced, while guaranteeing creaminess and spreadability in the finished product.

Among our numerous achievements last year, we have to mention the award for best creativity as part of the Premio Comunicando promoted by the magazine PuntoIT gelato&barpasticceria, and several successes by our network of partners, including the very recent first prize to Michele Falcioni, pastry chef at Posillipo Dolce Officina, for the best panettone in Italy.

During the year we backed numerous healthy initiatives: to mention just a few, we could begin with our Supreme natural vanilla produced from lignin and continue to our paste of piemontina mint and our PURONERO vegan dark chocolate, all of which have been enthusiastically welcomed for their ethics and transparency.

The main goal we are setting ourselves once again for the new year is to continue focusing on maximising the value of every aspect of our work, always bearing in mind our fixed points of clarity and naturalness, and to stay constantly at the side of those who travel and grow with us.


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