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Venezia, a homage to Venice’s sweet-making tradition

Published on 28 March 2019 | Category: Products


Once upon a time there was a special tin box.

One of those pretty tins our grandmothers used to store their buttons, needles and thread. A treasure chest that drew children’s attention and perhaps contained valuable booty. From time to time it was used as a drum, or a time capsule for hiding and keeping secrets, letters and little souvenirs. However, this special tin originally contained an unparalleled delicacy: biscuits as fine as leaves, packed closely together to make the shape of a small golden loaf.

Baicoli, they were called. A Venetian speciality that would remain crisp and fragrant for a long time during sea voyages or was enthusiastically devoured in the city’s cafés. Their distinctive biscuit texture was unmistakable, thanks to two periods of proving and two cooking methods; as was their sweet flavour and their elongated shape, like the outline of a fish. Excellent served with coffee or tea, but also dipped in local passito wines. Baicoli were the traditional accompaniment to zabaione, hot chocolate and other creamy treats.

From tin to tub, from biscuit to Venezia, the new flavour from Galatea

Now imagine this delicious recipe updated to become a fabulous gelato with a pale yellow colour, just like the biscuit. Imagine Bacioli, but cool and spoonable: a biscuit that can become an exquisite filling for sponge cakes or wafers, or a wonderful semifreddo. Can you imagine the flavour, the aroma, the creamy texture? You’re thinking of the new flavour from Galatea: Venezia, a homage to the city of art and its culinary culture. An emotion that’s available in packs of 50 g /1 kg.


The delight of a hazelnut sfogliatella

Remember birthday parties at home? Those special jolly decorations, the smell of cakes, the trays of biscuits and pastries with hazelnut cream? If your answer is yes, you’re going to love this incredible story! Those marvellous childhood memories are not lost, but live on to give all their flavour to the new gelato from Galatea: Sfogliatella Salata. It’s a delicious cream of hazelnuts and cacao with little pieces of salted sfogliatella made with extra virgin olive oil. A spoonful of flavours and textures that are different but utterly intoxicating: an innovative flavour available in individual packs or kits.


What are you waiting for?

Look out for Venezia  and Sfogliatella Salata in your nearest ice cream parlour and write the next chapter of these extraordinary stories.

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