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Galatea: the successful choice for your ice cream parlour

Published on 26 June 2018 | Category: no category

“We know that work has always sweetened life”, claimed the great French novelist and politician Victor Hugo. In the Galatea family we’ve learned that experience makes daily tasks not only sweeter but also naturally more pleasant. To ensure that work is a source of continual satisfaction, we offer all our clients professional services and support along their way to guaranteed success.

Our products are developed step by step until they reach the top level against any criteria, and are recognised by both consumers and the most respected certifying bodies for their authenticity and quality. Here at Galatea, research knows no obstacles or delays, and there’s a constant focus on the principle that however good something is, it can always be better. Our philosophy consists of shared values that have no limits; our history gives us the know-how that guarantees excellence.

Backed by the experience we’ve built over many years, every day we offer valuable advice so that those wishing to embark on their own business adventure in the ice cream and artisan sweets sector can develop the know-how needed to start their business with a toolkit of tried and tested skills. Our courses are constantly updated to anticipate and act on market trends, never missing a development, and are based on the principles that have made Galatea a leading firm: the sessions, led by highly qualified experts, allow participants to stay abreast of legislation in the sector by understanding practical matters too, so that they can acquire concrete skills to bring to the workplace. We know that success depends on all the achievements of our clients, and this is why we’re eager to share what we know so well, helping even the smallest to grow.

Galatea Ice Cream Parlour

The idea behind our desire to support those wishing to open an ice cream parlour or boost the quality of an existing business is that we are masters in our capacity as expert artisans at the service of ice cream makers: we offer products without emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats, palm oil, GMOs or artificial colourants, which means we produce natural ice creams that anyone who values organic or vegan principles for wellbeing will literally fall in love with. Every Galatea semi-finished product is made solely using the very best raw ingredients and following transparent production methods, with no need to hide anything.

Those who choose Galatea for their business are given effective support for their communication with truthful and attractive tools that express the uniqueness of the product: cards, counter displays, window stickers, posters, flavour labels, specially designed materials and flyers are available to make your information about products and services simple and immediate.

Every client who chooses our products also receives support for web marketing: on the Galatea website there are pages devoted to the ice cream parlours that offer their customers our natural ice creams, making it simpler for anyone to find the right place to enjoy a delicious and healthy product. The social networks too aim to promote initiatives by all the members of our big family, with shared posts and quotes that highlight the uniqueness of the people who work with us and subscribe to our philosophy.

All businesses can choose to draw on Galatea’s support for materials used in the ice cream parlour: our cups, napkins and shopping bags use only certified, biodegradable materials, are designed to be convenient, and are immediately recognisable thanks to our famously elegant graphics and the summary of our ice cream’s special quality in the motto #sonobuononaturalmente.

Why is choosing Galatea a guarantee of success? Because we combine quality with day-to-day attention to every person and every artisan business that decides to put their trust in us, no details spared!

If you want professional help in the launch of your Free, Organic or Vegan Ice Cream Parlour, or to customise your premises, call us on +39 0434 598109

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The fresh taste of spring

Published on 15 May 2018 | Category: no category

The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the wish to be outdoors is growing, and the desire for ice cream comes ever more frequently. With the arrival of spring, our eating habits change and our diets are coloured with the shades of summer.

Partly through gluttony and partly through the desire for refreshment, the most-loved cold dessert of Italian tradition becomes an unmissable treat. At this time of year, the artisan quality of the Galatea brand gains extra deliciousness from wonderful springtime fruits, combining the genuine flavour of natural products with the ability to delight the palate with very few calories.

In addition to the enthusiasts who don’t renounce the pleasure of gelato at any time of year, the milder weather attracts a more seasonal clientele to ice cream parlours. While the classic flavours are an everlasting trend that’s not affected by weather or fashion, the varieties linked to the rhythms of nature have the task of amazing us each year with renewed intensity.

Spring fruit enriches the work of our skilled gelato-makers, allowing them to play with traditional flavours while experimenting with healthy, delicious variations. The desire for ice cream that explodes when winter gives way to the good weather is boosted by the range of products available: besides cones and cups, gelaterias offer ice lollies, granitas and delicious sorbets whose ingredients are 100% plant-based.

The idea underlying our products is to take the very best that each season and each area has to offer, in order to ensure organic high quality with every mouthful. Spring fully supports this principle, providing all our ice cream chefs with exquisite fresh produce that embodies all the goodness that the first sunny days bring to the land.

Gelato Galatea primavera

So which are the most popular fruits for this season’s ice creams?

April sees the arrival of the strawberry, loved by adults and children alike. Naturally sweet, it doesn’t need the addition of refined sugars to delight the tastebuds, and is also suitable for those with high blood sugar or specific diets. It goes perfectly with great classics like fior di latte.

Cherries have always been one of the favourite spring flavours. Rich in vitamins A and C, they add an intense yet delicate taste even when used as a garnish, and they reach maximum ripeness between April and June, depending on the variety.

As summer approaches we also see the arrival of the citron, one of the most ancient citrus varieties. It is primarily used to prepare candied fruits, and is common in the Mediterranean area. Its distinctive aromatic flavour is ideal for making sorbets and ice creams which need no additional ingredients.

From May onwards the peach is obligatory: thirst-quenching and smooth, it’s a wonderful taste experience every time.

Another marvellously refreshing ingredient is mint, whose benefits are essential as the weather grows warmer. Galatea’s Menta Piementina, made with essential oil of Piemontese mint, combines natural flavour with the pleasure of an intense green colour with no hidden additives.

Although these days fruit is available all year round, we advise all our ice cream chefs to respect the nature that surrounds us and use their imagination to create flavours that are in tune with the seasons, giving as much attention to consumers as to the product itself. In Galatea ice cream parlours you’ll always be amazed at the creativity in flavour combinations designed to complement each other, and by the wide choice of varieties to please even the most curious and adventurous of customers.

Safe in the knowledge that in our products nothing is hidden, and that we guarantee the traceability of all our ingredients, you know that the safety of everything we do is clearly written on every label.

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