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Long life to your bakery products with SHELFRI

Yet in the nineteenth century, the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach stated “We are what we eat”. And how can he be wrong? Actually, the food we eat does not only feed our bodies, but it also affects our mood and energy.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the attention tothe food thatarrivesonto our tables: more information, renewed regulations and increased awareness of how food acts on our well-being are conscientious choices both for health and nutrition.

Galatea and the whole Gelinova Group has always dedicated themselves to this research, based on safety and homemade imperatives, with tight controls on all processes that offer healthy and genuine ingredients to their own customers.

According to these principles, we are pleased to submit you an absolute new product: SHELFRI.


SHELFRI is a natural gluten-free semi-finished ingredient, without thickeners and chemical emulsifiers that increase bakery products life. The concept of “shelf-life” is well-known to those who work in the food industry: until today, in order to keep a product good and fresh on a bakery or pastry shop shelf, it wasnecessary to use chemical preservatives or instead, to mandatorily choose a short-life product. Finally, there is a new chance now: to use a natural ingredient that does not compromise notour well-being nor the planet.

Franco Rizzati is the technician responsible for the Golosa Line and creator of SHELFRI. He explains that “This product was born from the need to solve a pastry problem. With one ingredient only, you can give more texture, more softness and longer life to your bakery products. A unique, natural and effective solution to different problems”.

SHELFRI can be used in all leavened cakes, sponge cake, plum cake, muffins and others. Its formulation is studied to increase the technological functionality, improving the volume and the softness of breads and of our favorite cakes. It also reduces and controls the typical after cooking deflation, indeed keeping the characteristics and the pleasantness of each product intact.

With SHELFRI both the quality and the safety of what every good breadand pastry maker prepares, is now opening towards new horizons, with a standard able to embrace nature’s ethics without compromising the conservation of their own creations.

The research and the idea from which SHELFRI is born are in perfect harmony with our Company philosophy and the ethical guidelines that always distinguish us: we are therefore proud to announce this new step towards “good” and guaranteed innovation!



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