Grains and amarena (black cherries)

Vegan line

Plenty of ideas to make your gelato or your dessert look even more appetizing.

Code Product Packaging Dos. gr per kg/mix kg per unit units per ct
70901 Amarenada Natural Bucket to taste 5 4
new70903 Natural candied citron cubes Box to taste 5 1
new70902 Natural Orange zest cubes Box to taste 5 1
25026 Chocolate Truffle Grains Bag to taste 1 5
25001 Crunchy Grains Bag to taste 2,5 2
25002 Hazelnuts Grains Bag to taste 2 8
25007 Hazelnuts Bag to taste 2 8
25011 Walnuts Bag to taste 1 10
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