Gelato biologico

Valore sociale

Galatea has been inspired by definite values, which have never been called into question and that have led every business choice.

Quality is key to our business. This is why we have chosen to thoroughly check the quality of raw materials and all steps of the production process.

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have chosen to get our company the necessary certificates. In this field, we have been the first and, so far, the only one. Our certificates ensure even more that we offer our consumers safe and quality products.

Valore Sociale

This award is for the brand Galatea by Milk&Fruit, the Company producing ingredients for Artisanal Gelato and Pastry shops.

Galatea has been awarded with the ICEA certificate of Valore Sociale (Social Value).
“The company has complied with multiple Social Responsibility standards thanks to its dedication and commitment and especially by producing healthy products for gelato and pastry shops, promoting exclusive lines that are free from chemical additives, respecting work contracts, being transparent with its customers, being environmentally-friendly, participating in social and educational activities in its territory.”

Valore Sociale certificate

Valore Sociale and ICEA work together for awarding socially responsible companies.

Valore Sociale (Social Value) is a nonprofit association that aims primarily at defining, spreading and implementing a new culture of Corporate Social Responsibility. It has been founded by different nationally important organizations that decided to co-work on this topic: Action Aid, Acli Verona, ARCI, Fondazione Banca Etica, Mani Tese, Movimento Consumatori and Oxfam. Valore Sociale association has created the VALORE SOCIALE certificate not just as a mere technical tool, but as the symbol of a different managerial culture that is based upon extreme care for people and the environment.

Valore Sociale association has entrusted the Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale ( for carrying out all certification activities.


What is ICEA?

ICEA, Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute), is a Consortium that controls and certifies companies that carry out their activities in respect of people and nature, defending workers dignity and the rights of consumers. Thanks to its 13,000 controlled companies with strong ethical, environmental and social values, 300 technicians and 28 Territorial Offices both in Italy and Abroad, ICEA is one of the most important bodies in the field both in Italy and in Europe, where it works to encourage a fair and socially sustainable development. Moreover ICEA carries out Research & Development activities to promote ecological innovation of products and processes and Educational activities for operators and technicians/experts of the organic field. It is also active in different projects of International Cooperation, other than being active on the national level. ICEA together with BIOL Italia organizes Prizes, Events and Campaigns to raise awareness to spread and share culture, knowledge and values linked to Organic topics.
Source: ICEA website. More info:

Libera certificate

Libera Line Certificate

This certificate completes and clearly states the choices Galatea has made since its birth: searching for natural and genuine raw materials to use in preparing ingredients for Artisanal Gelato.
Libera Line by Galatea is the only line of semi-finished products for Artisanal Gelato that can boast this certificate.

Certificazione biologica

Organic Certificate

Firmly espousing all productions guidelines that our certification Authority, ICEA, has presented us, we have chosen to become ORGANIC.

We do believe in a good artisanal gelato just as much as we do in a healthy gelato. This certificate is awarded to products only when they contain 95% organic ingredients and their production process is environmentally friendly. This is why we chose to get certified: to tell our customers who we are and to guarantee a production process entirely under control. Working thoroughly makes the difference.

Our Organic Gelato is free from food additives, colorings, preservatives, any other synthetic products and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Certificazione Vegan e Bio Vegan

Vegan Certificate and Organic Vegan

Galatea, always attentive to Consumers’ needs, introduced at Sigep 2015 a whole line of products to make an excellent Vegan Gelato. All Organic products of this Line are labeled Organic Vegan. The Vegan Line is certified by ICEA, too.

Certificazione Vegan e Bio Vegan