Passione & Percorsi
Zero più Marta
Università degli studi di Udine

Sharing a part of our resources corresponds to our Ethic. We strongly believe that belonging to a community means supporting its ideas, its projects and, obviously, helping out in case of difficulty.

This is the reason why we engage in those projects that encourage positive actions for both the territory and its people. We support Valemour, an association that aims at helping mentally challenged people to access the world of work.

We support Passione e Percorsi Association, which promotes environmental sustainability by creatively reusing industrial wastes.

We support young artists: Marta Proietti Graffi is a designer architect who uses paper, mainly from industrial wastes, to express her art and she has also worked for us.


Zero più Marta

Passione e Percorsi



Galatea works in collaboration with the University of Udine (Università degli Studi di Udine) for some of our important ingredients. We have commissioned them to carry out a bibliographic research about Spirulina Algae. The pigment of this algae is what gives our Spirulì® its natural blue color.