Computer privacy for clients and suppliers.

Dear Client/Supplier

Gelinova Group S.r.l. (hereafter “data controller”), pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (hereafter “Privacy Code”) and article. 13 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (hereafter GDPR) is furnishing you with the following information:

  1. OBJECT OF PROCESSING. The data controller processes personal data, identifying and not sensitive (e.g. name, surname, tax code, VAT No., e-mail, telephone number, etc.) – hereafter “data” – supplied by you
  • on the occasion of entering into contracts for data controller’s services or
  • during an information request phase using the data controller’s web site or
  • during a registration phase on the web site or
  • on the act of registering for the newsletter service offered by the data controller.
  1. AIMS OF THE SERVICES. Your data will be processed:
  2. without your express agreement (article 24 sub-paras a, b, c of the Privacy Code and article 6, sub-para b, and GDPR) for the following service aims:
    • Answering to your requests for information;
    • entering into contracts for data controller’s services;
    • complying with pre-contractual, contractual and fiscal obligations deriving from relationships in being with you;
    • complying with obligations required by law, by regulations, by European Community Standards or by order of the Authorities (e.g. on the matter of money laundering);
    • exercising the rights of the data controller (e.g. right of defence under the law for contractual non-fulfilment);
    • averting or discovering fraudulent activities or damaging abuse to the web-site;
  3. only following your specific and distinct agreement (articles 23 and 130 of the Privacy Code and article 7 GDPR) for the following ends of information and marketing.
    • allowing to be registered on the web-site;
    • allowing for a subscription to the newsletter service supplied by the data controller and of the further services which might be requested by you;
    • sending you by e-mail, post and/or telephone contacts, newsletters, commercial communications and/or publicity material on products or services offered by the data controller and surveys on satisfaction on the quality of services;

you may on the other hand revoke the agreement given for processing indicated in sub B at any time by sending an e-mail to that end without formality, to the address specified at point 10.

We are notifying you that, if already out client, we are able to send you commercial communications related to the data controller’s services and products similar to those you have already enjoyed, unless you do not give your approval (article 130, paragraph 4, Privacy Code).

In the event that the data controller intends to process your data for different aims than those described in the previous paragraph, you will be informed before such further processing.

  1. LEGITIMATE INTERESTS OF THE data controller. The legitimate interests of the data controller consist in respecting and honouring the contractual obligations signed by the parties. Pursuant to article 6 of the GDPR, the allowability if the processing is based on the consensus manifestly expressed by the interested party.
  2. ACCESS TO THE DATA AND YOUR COMMUNICATIONS Your data may be made available for the aims contained in point 2:
  3. To employees and collaborators of the data controller or any company of the Group to which the data controller is part, in their capacity of internal officer and/or person responsible for system processing and/or administration;
  4. to third parties (transport companies and correspondence addresses, financial institutions, commercial information companies, professionals and external consultants, insurance companies, sub-suppliers, sub-contractors, financial intermediaries, the company’s network of agents, credit recovery agencies) carrying outsourcing activities on behalf of the data controller, in the capacity of autonomous external data controllers or data processors nominated by the data controller.

Without your express agreement (article 24, sub-paras a), b), d) of the Privacy Code and article 6 sub-paras b) and c) of the GDPR) the data controller may communicate your data for the aims set out in point 2.A. to Supervisory Bodies, Judicial Authorities as well as all the other bodies to which communications are obligatory under the law and for fulfilment of the said aims. The said bodies with process the data in their capacities of autonomous data controllers.

Your data will not be disseminated.

The management and preservation of the data is carried out on servers (located within the European Union) belonging to the data controller. In any case, it remains understood that the data controller, where necessary, will be entitled to remove the location of the servers outside of the EU. In such a case, the data controller as of now ensures that the transfer of data outside of the EU will be in conformity with the requirements of applicable law, stipulating where necessary, agreements which guarantee a suitable level of protection and/or standard contractual clauses foreseen by the European Commission.

If your personal data, for contractual reasons, should be transferred to countries outside of the EU, the data controller guarantees that such data will be processed with adequate levels of protection.

  1. VOLUNTARY/OBLIGATORY NATURE OF THE PROVISION. Provision of the data for the aims at point 2.A. is obligatory in that it is required by legal and contractual obligations. Any refusal to provide them or potential future lack of authorization to process them may result in the impossibility of the data controller to pursue the said contractual relationships (the interested party does not receive the services, contractual non-fulfilment with related responsibilities, noncompliance with legal obligations with resulting legal sanctions, etc.). Provision of the data for the aims set out in point 2.B. on the other hand, is voluntary and the lack of authorization for processing them will result in the impossibility of sending you newsletters, commercial communications and/or publicity material on products or services offered by the data controller and notification on the level of satisfaction on the quality of the services.
  2. PERIOD OF PRESERVATION OF THE DATA. Notwithstanding the five or ten-year preservation terms of individual documents and related data of a civil, accounting and tax nature as required by current applicable laws, any other data will be preserved for 10 years from the end of the distribution/supply relationship of the service/product with the exception of revocation of the agreement or a request for cancellation by you.
  3. RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY. With the exception of legal obligations, public interest or the exercising of public powers, you have the right at any time to revoke agreement to processing the data and, in this case, the allowability of processing based on the agreement expressed before the cancellation is not prejudiced. Article 7 of the Privacy Code and article 15 of the GDPR allows you, as interested party in the processing, to exercises specific rights, amongst which that of obtaining from the data controller confirmation of the existence or not of your personal data and it being made available in an intelligible form; the right to gain knowledge on the origin of the data, of the aims and method of processing, of the logic applied to the processing, of the identification details of the data controller and of the bodies to which the data may be communicated; the right of procuring their updating, correction or integration, their cancellation, transformation into anonymous format or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law; the right, for legitimate reasons, to oppose the processing of your data.

The GDPR provides for the right for your data to be forgotten (article 17), to its being limited (article 18), to its porting (article 20) and, in the event of automated decision-making processes (so called profiling), to its human processing (article 22).

The Exercising of the rights is not subject to any binding format and is free.

  1. RESPONSE TIME TO APPLICATIONS. In the event of request by you on information relating to your data, the data controller will respond as soon as possible – with the exception of something which turns out to be impossible or which implies a disproportionate effort – and, in any case, in not more than 30 days. A reason will be supplied on any impossibility or delay by the data controller in satisfying the request.
  2. COMPLAINTS AND RECOURSES. In the event that you should feel aggrieved regarding one of the rights listed at point 7., a complaint may be forwarded to the Guarantor of the protection of personal data (following the procedures and indications published on the Authority’s web-site; or an administrative or juridical recourse.
  3. DATA CONTROLLER The Data Controller is Gelinova Group S.r.l., with offices in Via Venezia, 11-31028 Tezze di Vazzola (TV), to which all requests, applications or requirements for information should be addressed, including the exercising of the rights set out in point 7. Email:

Ο      I authorise the processing of my personal data for the aims described at point 2.B. of the information sheet (registration with the site, newsletter service, commercial communications, etc.)


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