All products of Galatea’s lines are the result of a long experience in the field, an extensive research and, above all, an ethic which comprises firm, shared and captivating principles.
All you need is available within our lines.

Libera Line is free from ingredients that are not absolutely healthy and natural. It is free to state on its labels the origins of raw materials and the accuracy of Galatea’s quality. By opting for the “Clean Label” protocol, we have opened a dialogue with our customers, based on transparency, ethic and respect for traditions.
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Only (natural) color, no (artificial) colorings. Spirulì is the blue gelato that children love so much and that does grown-ups good as well. It is prepared with spirulina algae’s extracts. This algae has a catchy name (which is well known by its consumers) and nutrients essential to everybody’s health. It is an artisanal gelato product which shows us how nature may have effective esthetic solutions for healthier products: our blue gelato is tempting.
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“We work with Ethic to give the Artisanal Gelatiere the most genuine products”, a wide range of semi-finished products made with passion, according to nature, in order to meet the needs of those (increasing) consumers that ask for healthier and nutritionally more balanced products. Etica Line is free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colorings and cochineal red.
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It is the natural outcome of our care for healthy products. It is the prompt answer to the current demand of many customers who prefer a healthier diet and want to trace ingredients to be able to choose products that are more in harmony with their philosophy. Your customers are asking you that.
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To produce vegan products, espousing a vegan ethic is fundamental. So we first got to know some of its principles in depth and then we espoused them.
Our products for vegan artisanal gelato do not use any animal-derived ingredients, nor raw materials derived from GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
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This line is dedicated to the pastry area of artisanal gelato. It comprises all ingredients to prepare mousse, semifreddo and cakes, all classic decorations and finishing touches, in order to let the artisan’s creativity express with shapes and tastes. Qualitative parameters are high as well: no hydrogenated fats, no synthetic colors, no cochineal red. Our philosophy embraces our entire production: health and taste are equally excellent.
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